Registered International Shiloh Shepherds….
Beauty, Brains & Brawn and a temperament to die for!

moonshadow shilohs

Moon Shadow Shilohs is a small in home kennel in Monte Vista, Colorado. Every dog I ever owned has been a member of the family & so they live with me right here in the home with a dog door to their fenced acreage.  Always at my side in almost everything I do, they love to run free along the nature trails & open fields, joining us on our horse rides & enjoy swimming in the beautiful lakes and rivers that this area is famous for. All this fresh air & exercise is evident in the vibrant happy dogs that are Moonshadow Shilohs.

My dogs are brought up with cats, horses, and birds.  I breed them to be confident, with a low prey drive…. they bark at strangers but will be friends when they know the strangers are our friends.

I have shared my life with German Shepherds from the day I was born.  My Beautiful German Shepherd, Buddy, still has pride of place in my heart and memories. The Shiloh breed has it’s origins in the German Shepherd but has a calmer disposition and a larger build. It retains the German Shepherd’s loyalty,brains and versatility and will make a wonderful family pet who will be gentle with your children and protect them when necessary

Cherry Moon, RN